The call of Qhull


How to make 3d Voronoi cells for a custom points cloud in 3ds max.

These pics (third pic – chupakabrah) and animation were made from a standart max primitives processed by Voronoi algorithm.

Make some interesting geometry in 3dsmax and embrace it in a bounding box.

Export model from 3dsmax to a Wavefront OBJ file.

Open OBJ file in the 3D Object Converter and save as Qhull OFF file.

Get rid of needless part of text information at the bottom, and two digits at the top and save the rest as “points.txt”.

Put the file to Qhull programs folder.

Run QHULL-GO console from Qhull folder.

Run “qvoronoi s p Fv out.txt” command in console.

After the command completion the “out.txt” file will appear to the Qhull folder.

Now put in the same folder the script from the Zoetrope.

For the script to be properly excecuted you must have the Python 2.6 installed on your system.

After the command completion the “out.txt” file should appear in the Qhull folder. Load it into 3dsmax and enjoy.

Btw. Great respect for all af the listed above tools creators.


7 Responses to “The call of Qhull”

  1. very good instructions :)


  2. 2 karl

    Hello!, very good tutorial, another program for 64 bits?…this program d’ont download in your web official. Thanks!

  3. amazing!!

  4. hmm, every time i imported the obj.obj created by the phython script, max gives me an error “invalid vertext index” … any ideas why? im using max 2013


  5. I’m not sure why but this weblog is loading incredibly slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  6. 6 Anonymous link is dead!
    can upload it?

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