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This open was made for Russian news program by Duler. He asked for my help with making of three running horses. The idea behind was that horses supposed to be made from thin and thick sticks and little digits. Here is a making of. Advertisements

2009 reel


Here is my recent reel. Hires (100mb) Most of the works made in SHANDESIGN

As the new year every-CG-artist-nightmare began, here is simple holiday hint.

Dust to dust


Several different ways to make a dust. quicktime movie

Loopable flag


how to make a loopable cloth simulation using 3ds max

How to make 3d Voronoi cells for a custom points cloud in 3ds max. These pics (third pic – chupakabrah) and animation were made from a standart max primitives processed by Voronoi algorithm.

For some reason, there are broken elements in Realflow’s connector for 3dsmax2008, like material for mixing fluids among with some others. movie And the challenge was to shake and mix two fluids of different colors.